The Museum of the First Company Governor's Foot Guard has been created by the hard work of numerous members of the First Company.   Maj. Loren Schave, curator of the museum, has spent countless hours working with, researching, and cataloging items and artifacts from our 230-plus years of history, and has donated countless hours to the actual construction of the museum.  

In creating the museum's home, Major Schave was assisted by numerous craftsmen from within the ranks of the First Company.   LTC Rocco Laraia, MAJ Phil Kennedy, CPT Richard Pelletier, 1LT Leo Godreau, MSG Gerry Santos, SFC Thomas Howe, and others, have donated their expertise through countless hours of building, wiring, and other tasks necessary to transform the First Company's old firing range into a modern museum.   Their improvements to the the space involved a great deal of hard work, not the least of which was creating all of the custom display cases and fixtures needed to properly display the museum's collection of artifacts from the history of the First Company.   

Most recently, this group of craftsmen has turned the assembly space outside of the museum into overflow display space for the museum.   In order to properly complete this task, the craftsmen found that they had to make extensive changes to this space as well, including renovation of the walls, lights and flooring, as well as the creation and installation of numerous new display cases.

While not yet physically completed, or open to the public, the museum has still been extremely busy since its inception.  Exhibits have been created for display at the Old State House, the Connecticut State Armory, the Legislative Office Building and at Bradley International Airport.   Major Schave, assisted by Major Boyle, Captain Nearine and Staff Sergeant Mark Sidell, have enhanced several displays through personal appearances, serving as guides to the history of the First Company.    

The museum contains a respectable collection of artifacts, but it is always interested in receiving donations of additional items pertaining to the history of the First Company Governor's Foot Guard.  Persons wishing to donate items to the museum are encouraged to contact the First Company through the "Contact Us" link above.


Special thanks to Captain Robert Nearine and Captain Gwynn Kane, for allowing the use of articles that previously appeared in "Battalion Review"!


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